App Tech Issues

User Experience:

The Ludo Culture app provides a seamless and enjoyable user experience (UX) by providing a holistic interaction between players and the application. It has intuitive gameplay, visual appeal, smooth performance, a fair and competitive environment, responsive customer support, regular updates and so on.

What happens if the app hangs

There are multiple factors that can contribute to an app hanging, including software bugs, insufficient device resources, network issues, or unexpected errors. If the Ludo Culture app hangs during a game, there is a risk of losing the current progress or data of the game. You can report to the support team and get help on the issue.

What happens if the app crashes

If the application unexpectedly shuts down, you are forced to exit the app involuntarily. You can report the issue to the support team and get help on the issue. You can also provide feedback on the app crash.

In case of getting disconnected in the middle of the game

If a player gets disconnected in the middle of a Ludo game, it can have several implications in multiplayer gameplay. For instance, if in an ongoing game a player gets disconnected, the game may continue for the remaining players. The disconnected player may miss turns and lose the game. If the player is not reconnected at a particular time, the player might be disqualified. In such scenarios, try to rejoin the game or contact our support team for further assistance.

Updated on 2nd May, 2024

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