Classic Ludo Game

In the realm of classic board games, few hold the universal appeal and nostalgic charm of ludo. Originating from an ancient Indian game called “Pachisi,” ludo has transcended cultural boundaries to become a beloved pastime for families and friends worldwide. With its iconic cross-and-circle board and vibrant, four-coloured pieces, ludo has carved a special place in the collective memories of generations.

Free Ludo Online Game
Free Ludo Online Game
Online Free Ludo Games

Join us as we roll the dice and take a nostalgic journey into the heart of a game that continues to enchant and unite players across cultures and generations.

What is a Classic Ludo game?

Classic Ludo is a Ludo variant that is simple and played between 2 and 4 players. At the game’s start, each player’s four pawns are placed in their zone on the board. By rolling the die, players take turns entering pawns onto the board and race them clockwise along the track. The first to bring all pawns home wins. While others may continue to determine subsequent rankings.

How to Play Classic Ludo Games on Ludo Culture?

Here are a few basic steps to play Classic Ludo in Ludo Culture:

  • Once you have downloaded & registered on the Ludo Culture app, click on the Games tab on the home screen.
  • Next, click on the Classic Ludo tab.
  • Select the contest that you prefer & match it with a real-time opponent.
  • Start playing Classic Ludo on Ludo Culture.

Classic Ludo Points System in Ludo Culture

In Ludo Culture, there is a point system that makes this game even more interesting! By scoring the highest points, you will win the game. For every pawn moved, the player gets +1 point.

  • For every pawn that reaches the home zone, +56 points are awarded.
  • When you eliminate an opponent’s pawn:

    • The player who eliminates an opponent’s pawn gets points.
    • The eliminated pawn reaches the starting tile and all the points collected by that pawn are lost.

Here are the basic Ludo game rules of the classic variant that a player should follow:

How to Earn Extra Turns on a Ludo Classic Game?

Similar to the traditional ludo board game, players can earn extra points when playing Classic Ludo on Ludo Culture. Here are the three ways:

  • Players will have another chance to roll the dice if they roll a 6. But remember, you will only get a maximum of three consecutive 6s.
  • When a player eliminates an opponent’s pawn, they get another roll of the die.
  • Once a player takes their pawn home, they get an extra turn to roll the die.

Remember, you will need a 6 to start the game and take your pawn out of the starting point.

What is a Safe Zone?

Safe zones are areas marked on the board with a ‘star’. There are a total of 8 marked safe zones in Ludo. Another interesting twist, two pawns of the same color on a tile also makes a temporary safe zone.

If your pawn is in the Safe Zone it cannot get eliminated by the opponent’s pawn.

Classic Ludo Tips & Tricks

In order to learn ludo strategies, you need to be familiar with the rules. In the game of ludo, the board consists of a central area and four arms extending from it, each of a different color.

  • Each arm has three rows of small squares corresponding to its color. The game is played in a clockwise order, with all four players moving their pawns on the board.
  • The game begins with a player rolling the die to determine their move. The other three players follow suit, but once the pattern of rolling the die is established after the first round, it cannot be changed.
  • All players get an equal number of moves to play and have 10 seconds for each move. A player is also given an extra 10 seconds in case they miss their chance.
  • However, if a player misses their move even after the extra 10 seconds, their turn will be passed to the next player.
  • You need to roll a 6 on the die to begin the game.
  • If a player’s pawn lands on another player’s pawn, the former pawn gets eliminated and the eliminated pawn returns back to the starting point.
  • The player whose pawn was landed upon gets rewarded with another chance to roll the die.
  • If a pawn lands upon a pawn of the same color, this forms a temporary safe zone. This cannot be eliminated by any opposing pawn.

Ultimate Classic Ludo Multiplayer Game

The classic multiplayer game is played between 4 players, and the first player to successfully race all their pawns in the home zone or score the maximum points wins the game.

Online Ludo Classic FAQs

How do you play Classic Ludo?

Download the Ludo Culture app and start playing Classic Ludo under the Games tab.

What are the types of ludo?

Ludo, Pachisi, Parchís, Mens-erger-je-niet, Mensch ärgere Dich nicht, and Fia are a few famous variants played worldwide.

Updated on 12th April, 2024

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