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Ludo Tournaments

The game of Ludo has a fascinating history and has been enjoyed for centuries. Its origins can be traced back to ancient India around 3300 BC, where it was known as ‘Pachisi’. Over time, Ludo has evolved into a widely played board game that has now made its way onto smartphones. Online Ludo games have become increasingly popular, allowing players to engage in matches with 2-4 participants.

Free Ludo Online Game
Free Ludo Online Game

Ludo tournaments consist of a series of pre-scheduled Ludo games where players join a board of their choice. These tournaments can be categorized as either free or cash tournaments. In cash tournaments, the entry fee can vary depending on the specific tournament. The Ludo Culture app offers these tournaments throughout the day, at regular intervals, and they can have different formats based on the entry fee and how the winners are determined.

Types of Ludo Tournaments

There are two major types of tournaments on Ludo Culture

  • Free tournaments
  • Paid/cash tournaments

Free Ludo Tournament

Free Ludo tournaments, also known as no-buy-in tournaments, do not require players to pay any entry fee to participate. These tournaments are completely free and typically operate on a first-come-first-serve basis. It is important to note that free tournaments are less frequent but often offer substantial prize pools. There are weekly and monthly free tournaments on the Ludo Culture platform.

Cash Ludo Tournament

Cash tournaments in Ludo require players to pay an entry fee in order to participate. On the Ludo Culture app, there are two main types of cash tournaments available:

  1. 2-player tournaments: In these types of tournaments, the number of players and the entry fee is fixed. The winner will take the entire prize pool, depending on the score.
  2. Multi-table Tournaments: The prize pool is not fixed in multi-table tournaments and depends on the number of players joining the Ludo board.

How to Play Ludo Tournaments on Ludo Culture?

To play a Ludo tournament on Ludo Culture, you will need to join a tournament. Once you have downloaded the Ludo app, you can click on the tournaments tab, select between 2 or 4-player matches and enter the game.

Here are a few things to remember before you dive into any Ludo tournament.

The main objective of Ludo is to move all of your pawns into the home area, located in the middle of the board. The player who accomplishes this first is declared the winner of the game. Ludo is entertaining when played with friends and family. You can download the Ludo Culture app to play online Ludo with your loved ones anywhere in the comfort of your time.

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Ludo Playing Steps to Know Before Entering Ludo Tournaments

Ludo is a popular board game that is easy to learn and fun to play. Here’s an overall guide to help you get started:

In Ludo, the board is divided into four arms, each with three rows of small squares of different colors where the pawns are placed. The game is played by four players who move in a clockwise order on the board.

  • To start the game, any player can roll the dice. The other three players will take their turns to roll the dice one by one. Once the first round of rolling the dice is completed, the pattern of rolling the dice remains the same for all players throughout the game.
  • If a player misses their turn to roll the dice, the opportunity will be passed to the next player, and they will get a chance in the next round.
  • To bring a pawn out of the arm or unlock it, a player needs to roll a six or a one on the dice. This rule applies to all four pawns of all players. If a player rolls a six, they get another chance to roll the dice.
  • When a pawn lands on another pawn belonging to a different player, the former pawn has the advantage. The opponent’s pawn is bumped back to its respective arm and needs to be unlocked again.
  • If a player rolls three consecutive sixes, they lose their turn, and it is passed to the adjacent player.

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Tips to Play Ludo Tournaments

One of the primary Ludo strategies to excel in the game is to have a thorough understanding of all the gameplay rules. Familiarizing yourself with the intricate details of Ludo not only enhances your overall experience but also enables you to make informed strategic choices during the game.

The top 5 ludo tips and tricks which will make you invincible are:

  1. Unlock all the pawns
  2. Spread pawns across the board
  3. Have an attacking strategy
  4. Be patient
  5. Block opponent’s pawns

Unlock all the pawns

  • An important initial strategy in ludo is to promptly move all your pawns out of the home base.
  • It is risky to rely on using just one or two pawns for each dice roll, as it increases the chances of being attacked and killed by your opponent.
  • By getting all your pawns into play early on, you gain greater flexibility in their movement.
  • This is particularly advantageous when you roll a low number on the dice and cannot protect a crucial pawn from your opponent.
  • Hence, prioritize putting all your pawns into action as quickly as you can.

Spread your pawns across the Ludo board

  • To gain an edge in a ludo game, it is essential to strategically move your pawns across the board.
  • By placing your pawns tactically, you can enjoy the freedom to move them without the risk of immediate elimination if there are no opponents nearby. For example, having two pawns in the same spot while being surrounded by opponents can result in instant elimination if you make any move.
  • Furthermore, this strategy enables you to block your opponents from reaching their homes and thus delay the outcome.

Have an attacking strategy

  • Engaging in attacking moves against opponents adds excitement to playing ludo, even if it involves putting your own pawns at risk.
  • To become a ludo king, it is crucial to set aside mercy and embrace an aggressive strategy. However, it is important to assess the risk before eliminating your opponent’s pawns.
  • When your pawn is located in the first or second quadrant, your plan should involve attacking the opponent’s pawn, even if it means risking your own.
  • Suppose if your coin is in the third or fourth quadrant, you should only attack your opponent if there is an opportunity to move to a safer distance.
  • The “rule of 7” dictates that the safer distance is at least seven steps ahead, where the likelihood of your opponent rolling a 6 and 1, which could result in your coin being eliminated, is reduced.
  • By following this rule, you decrease the chances of getting killed while maintaining an aggressive approach.

Always be patient

  • One of the most important Ludo-winning strategies is to be patient.
  • When your pawns are positioned in the star-shaped zones of the board, they can’t be killed by opponents.
  • In such situations, if you roll a low number on the dice, it is advisable to leave the coin in the safe zone, especially if it is surrounded by opponents’ pawns.
  • Instead, focus on moving other pieces that may already be at risk or are not in the safe zone.
  • Demonstrating patience is essential for maintaining the safety of your pawns, as making a wrong move could result in your pawn being sent back to the starting area, and you need to begin all over.

Block your opponent’s pawns

  • A useful winning tip in Ludo is to safely get your coin into the home base.
  • When one of your pawns is close to reaching home, your opponents will naturally focus on capturing that piece.
  • To protect your pawns from being attacked, it is important to block your opponents by chasing their pieces.
  • This way, you can quickly move pawns to the home area without any interference.

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