Speed (Fast) Ludo

Speed Ludo is a famous modern variant of the classic game of ludo, with timers and score-based winners instead. The ludo game has seen many changes across generations, but this old favourite has always passed the test of time.

In the online mode, multiple variations of ludo exist; some add a timer and make it Speed Ludo, while some remove the dice itself. All Ludo variants requires a different skill and is equally fun to play. But the most loved ludo overall is the Fast Ludo: a ludo game that is classic but has a thrill of speed.

Fast Ludo Game
Fast Ludo Game
Fast Ludo Game Rules, Tips & Tricks

How to play Speed (Fast) Ludo?

Speed Ludo retains the essence of the classical ludo game but incorporates a fast element that urges players to act quickly during gameplay. In this strategic board game designed for two to four players, each participant’s pawn movement is determined by rolling a single dice, but at a faster pace compared to traditional ludo.

  • In Speed Ludo, participants are given four pawns of the same color to place in the respective coloured bracket.
  • Your pawns are placed in the starting area to begin the game.
  • Your pawns move based on the number that appears on the dice. You have a set amount of time to play each turn.
  • In Ludo Culture, you get 10 seconds to complete your turn.
  • If your pawn lands on your opponent’s tile, you get to remove it from the playing area, and they have to start all over.
  • When two pawns of the same color are placed on the same tile, a safe zone is created. You can break it by rolling a six.
  • You get an extra chance to roll the dice if:

    • You get a six on the dice.
    • When any of your pawns reach the home zone.
    • You eliminate any opponent’s pawn.
  • The player with the highest points wins by the end of the game.
  • The Fast Ludo game gets over as soon as the timer runs out.
  • But if you close the app in the middle of the game or skip three turns, you will lose your Buy-In and, therefore, be removed from the game.

Speed Ludo Rules

Speed ludo is very similar to the classic game of ludo, and the rules are also similar, but there are a few Ludo rules different from the traditional game to follow in the fast paced game:

  • The point system in the Fast Ludo game

    In a Fast Ludo game, the key to winning is to get all your pawns in an open position and on the board closer or inside the home zone so that you can score maximum points in a limited time.

    The point system is as follows:

    • A player earns 1 point for every tile moved.
    • If the pawn is cut, all points made on that token are lost.
    • When you eliminate your opponent’s pawn, you get their point.
    • You score an extra 56 points for each token that reaches the home zone.
  • Two timers in Fast Ludo

    In a Fast Ludo game, there are two timers, one is for the overall game, and the other is for each move of a player.

Speed Ludo tips and tricks

There are a few Speed Ludo tips and tricks to keep in mind which help you to win the game:

Think and react fast

In Fast Ludo, time is the most important factor; therefore, you need to have a good Ludo strategy and think on your toes to move the pawns fast.

Open all your pawns

In Fast Ludo, earning more points is important along with taking the pawns to the home zone, so it is not advisable to race with just one pawn to win the game. If you just move one pawn and if it gets eliminated, you lose all your points. Hence, it is better to move all your pawns simultaneously and quickly rather than carrying only one pawn slowly to the home zone.

Block your opponent’s pawns

A useful winning tip in Ludo is to safely get your pawns into the home zone. To protect your pawns, it is important to block your opponent’s pawn by chasing their pieces. This way, you can quickly move pawns to the home zone without any interference.

Adopt an attacking strategy

When playing Fast Ludo, it is not recommended to disperse all of your pawns on the board. The game involves capturing your opponent’s pawns and sending them back to its starting zone. Adopting the attacking strategy is considered one of the most effective approaches to excel in Fast Ludo.

Focus on the game timer as well

Unlike the Classic Ludo game, Speed Ludo doesn’t go on until all pawns have reached the home zone. It lasts for only 5 minutes, and whoever scores more points wins the game. So, focus on getting more points as early as possible in the given time.

Keep an eye on the timer

If you lose three turns, you lose the game immediately. This means that even if you have more points, you will lose the game. Therefore it is very important to move fast within the time limit and not miss turns.

How To Win In The Fast Ludo Game?

Here are a few hints that will help you play and win real money in the Speed Ludo game:

  • Moving a tile represents 1 point in the game. So, move all your pawns around the board to improve your points.
  • To improve your points by multiple times, advance all your pawns to the home position.
  • Do not skip turns or waste too much time to determine which pawn to move.
  • Eliminate your opponent’s pawns to increase your score and get extra turns.
  • To prevent your pawns from getting eliminated by the opponent, try to place them in the safe zones.

How to download the Ludo Culture app?

Ludo Culture’s app is available on the Google Play Store. The pro ludo app version is available on Ludo Culture’s website. Follow this link to know more.

Speed Ludo vs Classic Ludo Difference

Speed Ludo Classic Ludo
1. The game has a timer, and it takes a few minutes to finish 1. There is no time limit in the game
2. It is a fast-paced game 2. Classic Ludo is a slow-paced game
3. No need to get a 6 to start the game 3. The player must get a 6 to start the game
4. To win the game the player needs to score maximum points in a limited time. 4. All the pawns need to reach the home area to win the game.

FAQs on Fast Ludo:

  • Can you play Fast Ludo in Ludo Culture?

    Yes, you can play Fast Ludo in Ludo Culture.

  • How do you play Fast Ludo?

    To play Fast Ludo you need to start by rolling the dice and score the maximum number of points by the end of the timer.

  • How to win the Fast Ludo game?

    To win the game the player needs to score maximum points in a limited time.

Updated on 12th April, 2024

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