Ludo Culture Cash Withdrawal Policy

  • Post KYC verification, you may withdraw your winnings by an electronic ‘bank’ transfer to your verified bank account. Please make sure that the name on the bank account matches the name on the PAN card.
  • The withdrawal request, along with your bank details, needs to be filled through your lobby screen on the Ludo Culture app.
  • You can withdraw your entire balance at any point in time. However, withdrawal of deposits is not allowed on the Ludo Culture app.
  • All the withdrawal requests made on Ludo Culture are subject to applicable taxes.
  • Any free referral reward earned through any promotional offer cannot be withdrawn. It can only be used for playing cash games on Ludo Culture.

Play games and win cash

You can play Ludo cash games on the Ludo Culture app and win real money.

In order to play cash games, Add Cash to your Ludo Culture wallet. You don’t need to worry about the safety of the process as Ludo Culture has a safe payment gateway – You can deposit money to your Ludo Culture account through debit or credit card, UPI, and net banking. All our payment gateways adhere to PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards). They follow a universal set of rules and regulations that are set by global entities like Visa, Mastercard etc.

Once you have money in your Ludo Culture wallet, you can use it to play cash games and win real money.

Instant withdrawals

Another important advantage of playing Ludo in Ludo Culture is getting instant withdrawals. You can withdraw your winnings within seconds and they reach straight to your bank account.

How to withdraw

In order to withdraw money, make sure your KYC verification process is complete. Once done, you can easily withdraw money to your bank account using your UPI ID or your bank account details.

Please note you need a minimum balance of ₹5 to make a successful withdrawal. And, withdrawal of deposit is not allowed on the Ludo Culture app.

If the match ties

In case of a tie, the winning amount is split equally between the players.

Where to check my winning amount

As you win a game, your winnings start to reflect in your wallet. Tap on the wallet tab on your Ludo Culture app to check the total winning as your withdrawal balance.

Fair play Violation

A Fair Play Violation (“Fair Play Violation”) means any activity of a user that violates this policy and includes:

  • Activity that uses unfair means to manipulate the outcome of a game on the platform, irrespective of whether this is in favour of the user adopting such means.
  • Activity that is fraudulent, illegal, suspicious or unfair, as determined by Ludo Culture in its sole discretion.
  • Activity that is intended solely to transfer funds from one person to another person or between distinct sources, thereby amounting to money transferring.
  • Activity that involves collusion between two or more players to achieve a result during a game, thereby amounting to syndicate playing.

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Updated on 22nd March, 2024

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