Ludo Culture Game settlement policy

If the Ludo cash game or tournament is cancelled due to a technical error on our part or if any player indulges in any unfair gameplay, the following game settlement procedure is followed:

If any contest or competition gets cancelled

Cancelling a Ludo Tournament is usually influenced by a variety of factors, such as technical issues or unforeseen circumstances; in such cases, a full refund of the entry fee is issued to the player. In the case of Discount Credits, it gets added back to the wallet.

If the game is disrupted for any reason

If the Ludo game is disrupted due to technical issues, connectivity problems, or unexpected errors, the fee is refunded back to the user and a request for reconnection is sent through notifications. However, if a player runs out of time to play his move and aborts the game, no refund will be initiated.

If players indulge in any form of unfair play

In case of unfair play, the opponent can report the instance to our support team. You can do it by calling our 24/7 support. Ludo Culture provides a fair and transparent appeal process. The team thoroughly investigates the matter, and in case of unfair play being proven the accused might get a temporary suspension or a permanent ban.

Updated on 29th April, 2024

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