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Welcome to Ludo Culture

For ludo enthusiasts, Ludo Culture is the perfect online ludo game where you not only get to enjoy a smooth and exciting gameplay experience but also win real money.


Know more about Ludo Culture

By using the Ludo Culture mobile application, you have the opportunity to play Ludo online. While ludo is commonly played on various platforms for recreational purposes, Ludo Culture offers the unique feature of playing the classic board game for real cash.

On Ludo Culture, you can engage in online ludo matches by either participating in one-on-one battles against another player or joining a four-player setup.


Add Cash

In order to play Cash Ludo games on Ludo Culture, you need to deposit money in your Ludo Culture wallet. Just tap on the wallet icon on your Ludo Culture app and proceed by adding your desired amount (Minimum ₹25).


Discount Credits

Discount Credits are reward points credited to your Ludo Culture wallet that can be used to play cash games and win real money.


Withdrawals in Ludo Cuture

In order to make sure that you are able to withdraw money from your Ludo Culture wallet, make sure your KYC verification is complete. Post KYC verification, you may withdraw your winnings by an electronic 'bank' transfer to your verified bank account. Please make sure that the name on the bank account matches the name on the PAN card.

Another important advantage of playing Ludo in Ludo Culture is getting instant Ludo Cash withdrawals. You can withdraw your winnings within seconds and they reach straight to your bank account.

Updated on 19th April, 2024

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