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The online ludo game has become one of the most popular games played by all age groups. It serves as a source of recreation and entertainment. However, some players are even motivated to play it competitively and win real money in the process. Making the simple game of ludo, quite thrilling.

To add to the fun, Ludo Culture has a leaderboard feature where people participating in tournaments can judge their ranking and compete even further to be at the top of it and win real money as well.

Ludo Leaderboard:


Ludo champ:

Ludo is a simple game but what most don’t realize is that it is a game where even a simple trick can make a big difference. The execution of the rules, tips and tricks in a proper manner heightens your chances of winning the game. It is also important to utilize the time effectively and not make hasty moves. A completely calculated move is any day better than an uncalculated brisk move and ludo players understand this better than anyone.

King of ludo on the Ludo Culture app.

In order to become a king, you should know the law of the land. Which means, you should know all the rules of playing ludo thoroughly. And, having a few tricks up your sleeve is an added bonus.

Want to be the king of ludo? Here are some tips to help you stay ahead

  • To win in Ludo Culture, either score the highest points or safely take all the pawns into the home area. More pawns on the board or closer/inside the home area means more points.

  • You win by scoring the maximum points before the timer runs out. In time-based games, the game lasts for a few minutes, and the winner is decided based on the score.

  • Safe points are marked spaces on the board where your opponent cannot eliminate you. When you keep your pawn on the safe point you are essentially safeguarding your points and making a calculated decision.

  • Never race a single pawn alone in Ludo Culture. Like it is said, never put all your eggs in one basket, you should never race a single pawn alone in ludo. Because, a single pawn on the board is more vulnerable to get eliminated by the opponent and you will have to start again from the starting point. Also, when there is more than one pawn racing for home, you have a better chance of winning.

  • Safeguarding your highest-scoring pawn is pivotal for victory. Prioritize its movement, and position it away from the opponent's threats. You should utilize safe zones to protect your most advanced pawn. This ensures a smoother journey to the finish line, enhancing your overall chances of winning.

Ludo Leaderboard FAQs

Who can become a king of ludo in the Ludo Culture leaderboard?

  • Anyone who plays more games in the Ludo Culture’s leaderboard and is able to secure the most points is crowned as the king of ludo.

Will the king of ludo (top player in the table) get any benefits?

  • The player at the top of the leaderboard a.k.a king of ludo will take home the maximum winning amount.

How can you secure a rank in the Ludo Culture leaderboard?

  • Anyone who participates in Ludo Culture’s tournaments is eligible for ranking in the Ludo Culture leaderboard.

Updated on 19th April, 2024

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