Ludo points game

The key difference between online ludo and classic ludo is the point system. Usually, in a classic ludo game, the player who gets all of their pawns in the home zone wins. But an online ludo game is time-bound, and the player who scores the maximum points wins. In a limited-time format game, particular skills and strategies are required to win.

Free Ludo Online Game
Free Ludo Online Game
Ludo Points

The objective of the game

The point game in Ludo stirs up the excitement and thrill of the game. When you are scoring against time, the strategies used are very different from that of a classic ludo game. For instance, the player will focus on getting all their pawns in an open position and spread them across the board. The best way to score more points is by eliminating the opponent’s pawn; this way, it will also distract them from eliminating your pawn.

Ludo points system

The points system in Ludo Culture allows players to enjoy the classic board game with a twist. A game of Ludo in Ludo Culture lasts for 5 to 8 minutes, depending on the Ludo game variant. Unlike the traditional Ludo board game, all the pawns will be in the open position. You do not need to roll a six on the dice to unlock your pawns. Click on the dice icon to roll the die, and click on the pawn to move forward. The player who gets the highest points by the end of the timer will win the game.

Points for each move

Participants get +1 point for every tile they move. Suppose you get a five on your first turn; your pawn will move five blocks on the board, and you will get +5 points.

Points for killing the Opponent’s pawn

In a multiplayer Ludo game, you get +7 points for killing the opponent’s pawn. The killed pawn is sent back to the starting tile, and the player loses all the points earned by the killed pawn.

Points to reach the Home Area

When your pawn reaches the home zone, you get +56 points (for each pawn).

How do you get extra points

A good strategy to win is to get all the pawns in an open position across the board and eliminate as many of your opponent’s pawns.

Difference between Points Ludo and Classic Ludo:

Points ludo Classic ludo
The game has a timer, and it takes a few minutes to finish There is no time limit in the game
It is a fast-paced game It is a slow-paced game
To win the game, the player needs to score maximum points in a limited time. All the pawns need to reach the home area to win the game.


The Ludo Points Game revives the charm of the classic Ludo board game by introducing points to the game. It engages players in a quest to score the most points by combining luck and strategy by counting every pawn move. The Ludo culture points game makes the online ludo board game more challenging and exciting to play. So if you want to get a taste of classic board games, download the Ludo Culture app. You can play daily and monthly ludo tournaments for free and cash.

FAQs on Ludo Points:

  • How many points will the player get for each tile?

    The player gets +1 point for every tile they move.

  • How many points does the player get when the opponent’s pawn is killed?

    The player gets +7 points upon eliminating the opponent’s pawn. At the same time, the opponent loses the points their pawns have gathered.

  • How many points do you get when a pawn reaches home?

    A player gets +56 points when a pawn reaches home.

Updated on 12th April, 2024

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