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Ludo Tips, Tricks and Strategies To Win The Game

Ludo is a classic board game that involves strategy and skill. Whether you’re playing with friends or online, you should prioritise getting your pawns out on the board while strategically blocking your opponents. Use safe zones wisely, spread pieces across the board, observe opponents’ moves, balance offence and defence, and adapt to the game’s dynamics.

Ludo Tips, Tricks & Strategies
Ludo Tips, Tricks & Strategies
Ludo Tips, Tricks & Strategies

Following are some tricks and tips to help you strategize better.

Top Ludo Tricks and Tips to Win

Know the rules of online ludo

In order to learn ludo strategies, you need to be familiar with the Ludo rules. In the game of ludo, the board consists of a central area and four arms extending from it, each of a different color.

  • Each arm has three rows of small squares corresponding to its color. The game is played in a clockwise order, with all four players moving their pawns on the board.
  • The game begins with a player rolling the dice to determine their move. The other three players follow suit, but once the pattern of rolling the die is established after the first round, it cannot be changed.
  • All players get an equal number of moves to play and have 10 seconds for each move. A player is also given an extra 10 seconds in case they miss their chance to play.
  • However, if a player misses their move even after the extra 10 seconds, their turn will be passed to the next player.
  • All the pawns are in the open position. You don’t need to roll a 6 to begin the game. Just a tap on the die followed by a tap on the pawn you wish to move is all it takes.
  • If a player’s pawn lands on another player’s pawn, the former pawn gets eliminated, and the pawn returns back to the starting point.
  • The player whose pawn was landed upon gets rewarded with another chance to roll the dice.
  • If a piece lands upon a piece of the same color, this forms a block. This block cannot be passed or landed on by any opposing pawn.

These rules and gameplay add an element of strategy and excitement to the game of Ludo.

Unlock the Pawns

All the pawns are in the open position. You don’t need to roll a 6 to begin the game. Just a tap on the die followed by a tap on the pawn you wish to move is all it takes.

Distribute and Spread Your Pawns Across the Board

The primary goal is to successfully move all four pawns into the home area, completing the game. The first player to move all the pawns from the starting area to the home area wins the game.

In Ludo Culture, there are two types of ludo games:

1. Fast Ludo

2. Classic Ludo

In both Ludo Variants, games can either be won by obtaining the highest points or by safely taking all the pawns into the home area. More pawns on the board or closer/inside the home area means more points.

You need to score the maximum pointsbefore the timer runs out. In time-based games, the game lasts for a few minutes, and the winner is decided on the basis of their score.

Block Your Opponent’s Pawns

Distracting your opponent is a trick of getting your pawn safely to enter the home zone. When any of your pawns are nearing your home zone, your opponents will always try to eliminate it.

To save your pieces from the opponent’s attack, you need to distract your opponent by chasing their pieces.

Keep Your Idle Pawns on Safe Points

Safe points are marked spaces on the board where your opponent cannot eliminate you. When you keep your idle pawn on the safe point, you are safeguarding your points.

Two Pawns on the Same Safe Points

Double pawns act as safe points for pawns of the same color. This means that if there are two or more pawns of the same color on a tile, they cannot be eliminated.

Never Race a Single Pawn Alone in Ludo Online

Like it is said, never put all your eggs in one basket; you should never race a single pawn alone in Ludo.

  • It is more vulnerable to get eliminated by the opponent and you will have to start again from the starting point.
  • When there is more than one pawn racing for home, you have a better chance of scoring or safely taking the pawns into the home area.

Focus on Killing the Opponent’s Pawn

If a pawn lands on a square occupied by a different coloured pawn, the latter gets eliminated and is hauled back to the starting point. To bring the different coloured pawn out of the home area, the player must once again release it to the starting point by scoring a 6 or 1. If a player cuts an opponent’s pawn, and he/she is awarded an extra roll for that turn.

Safeguard Your Highest-Scoring Pawn

In ludo, safeguarding your highest-scoring pawn is pivotal for victory. Prioritize its movement, and position it away from the opponent’s threats. You should also utilize safe zones to minimize risks. Protecting your most advanced pawn ensures a smoother journey to the finish line, enhancing your overall chances of winning.

Select Which Pawn to Kill

While targeting the opponent’s pawn, focus on more advanced pawns or the ones closer to the finish line. In this way, you will be able to reduce their points by a margin which will enhance your chance of winning.

Use Time to Your Advantage

Unlike the traditional board game, in online ludo, one key winning strategy is around the element of time.

Online ludo games have two timers, one for individual turns and one for the overall game.

When the game is about to end, and you have higher Ludo points, then you can take longer on your turns. This will give the opponent less time to increase their score. This is very similar to football, with teams wasting time when they are closer towards the end of the game rather than trying to score any more goals. However, do keep in mind the individual turn timer, as you might end up losing your lives as well. If you lose three lives, you will end up losing the entire game, regardless of how many points you have.

Rule of 7

As per this rule, the safest distance from your opponent is always at least seven steps. As your opponent is less likely to score a 6 and 1, decreasing your chances of getting eliminated and hence putting you in a much safer spot.

Getting Your Pawns Home

Once you move a pawn into your home area, you must roll the exact number needed to reach the home area. If you roll a higher number, you can’t move that pawn. For example, if you need a five to enter the home area, you need to roll the exact number to move your pawn.

Know Which Pawns to Sacrifice

Oftentimes, you can’t keep all your pawns safe. In this case, sacrifice the pawn with less points. The pawn that is closest to home will have higher points and can get you even more points once it reaches home.

Thus, try always to keep these pawns safe. However, the pawns that are not closer to home will not have as many points and will not cause you so much damage.

Ludo Game Strategies to Help You Win the Game

How to Win a Ludo Game?

The best way to win any ludo game is to have your own strategy, know the rules, understand the gameplay thoroughly and practice constantly to master it. Only by doing this, you can win any ludo game.

Defensive or Offensive Ludo Gameplay?

Before deciding anything about your strategy, you need to decide whether your game will be defensive or offensive. This means that if there are two options during the game, one gets your pawns safe and the other makes the opponent’s pawns unsafe, which of the two will you pick?

Even in offensive strategies, you will try getting your pawns safe and even in defensive strategies, you will try eliminating your opponent’s pawn. But the only question is, what will you prioritize over another?

How Many Pawns Will You Take Out at the Start?

If you want a strategic advantage in a ludo match, you should focus on spreading your pawns across the board. Having your pawns placed tactically allows you to move your pawns freely if there’s no opponent nearby and thereby scoring more points.

Where Will You Stop Your Pawns?

Here are some of the strategies to help you move and stop your pawn better on the board.

  • Always be aware of where every single pawn is. Make sure to count all four pawns and not just focus on one.
  • Ensure that all four pawns are following the rule of 7. This basically means that every pawn is at least 7 blocks away from an opponent pawn.
  • If none of your pawns are in danger, then focus on getting closer to the opponent’s pawns. This means you should be 7 or less tiles behind the opponent’s pawns.
  • If both steps 2 and 3 are satisfied, then you can focus on getting all your pawns on safe points.
  • If step 4 is also satisfied, then focus on moving a pawn closer to home.
  • You can make all these strategies while the other player is making their move. Once it is your turn, you can quickly roll and move because you have already planned for every single outcome.
  • After you have thought about all these strategies, you need to practice continuously these moves. Since the game is fast-paced, you will have to think and move very quickly.

Have an Attacking Strategy

Attacking opponents is the most thrilling part of playing Online Ludo, even when you put your pawns at risk. To become invincible at ludo, you should keep mercy aside and adopt an attacking strategy. However, you should always calculate the risk before you eliminate your opponent’s pawn. Your plan should be to attack your opponent even if you put your pawn at risk.

Always be Patient

Being patient is vital in winning the game of ludo. For instance, if your pawns are on the board’s star-shaped zones, your opponents cannot eliminate your pawns there. In such circumstances, if you don’t get a good number on the dice, it’s best to leave the pawn at the safe point, especially if the opponent’s pawns surround yours.

Updated on 12th April, 2024

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