Real Money Ludo

Ludo Apps are a new way to win real money. Did you know that? In today’s times people have the flexibility to earn money by working online but there is also a way to win real money by having fun! Games like Ludo that you used to play earlier just to pass the time and hang out with friends or family, has now become a brand new way to win some real cash.

Free Ludo Online Game
Free Ludo Online Game

This comprehensive guide to Playing Ludo Online and Winning Money is the perfect place for any beginner to start and get answers to basic questions.

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Ludo Money

Working towards obtaining Ludo money is highly popular these days. As the every generation quite evidently enjoys playing ludo, it is not a surprising thing that they love the cash rewards and benefits that come along with it. The added feature of winning cash rewards and prizes in addition to playing the game of Ludo has provided a boost to the online gaming culture not only in India but also globally.

Especially in the Indian market where people want the best for themselves in a limited period of time and applying limited resources by themselves. It is a no-brainer that the online gaming moguls introduced the money winning feature in the Ludo gaming app. Yet, it is now that this idea is becoming greatly popular amongst people specially in India.

Is it Possible to Win Real Money Playing Ludo Games?

Yes! If you win a game of ludo involving real money, you have the opportunity to win real money as a prize.

Benefits of Ludo Money for Players

For the players who consistently enjoy the game of Ludo, the feature of winning Ludo money is almost like a blessing. It enables them to do what they extremely enjoy in their free time, which is playing the online game of Ludo, in addition to earning cash rewards side-by-side.

The earning of money from ludo gaming apps is a suitable example of doing what you love and winning money along the way. Some players also try to make Ludo money as a side hustle along with their primary profession. It helps in bringing in some extra cash which is always considered a great monetary benefit. It also helps the player in reaching their financial goals.

Real-time Ludo Money

Some online Ludo gaming platforms trick you into believing that they are offering real cash to its loyal and extremely skilful players, which in reality turns out to be untrue. In the case of many Ludo earning apps, there are multiple terms and conditions to retrieve the cash awards which are really difficult for the player to meet or the cash rewards do not actually get converted into real-time money.

This is highly deceiving for the player and they start losing their interest in the given gaming platform. However, the Ludo Culture app offers a completely transparent and secure mode of transaction to its players. It directly converts the players performance and translates it into real money which they can securely retrieve from their respective wallets. This is the reason why the Ludo Culture app has thousands of loyal players throughout the country including players of all age groups.

Ludo Money Earning Apps

Wondering which Ludo App gives real money? The Ludo Culture app is one of the most popular money-winning apps when it comes to the online game of Ludo in our country. It is highly loved by the Indian online gaming audience due to its convenience and authenticity of winning real time money and cash rewards. It is a no-nonsense Ludo money earning app which is a tried and tested app amongst the Indian audience of players. It is extremely safe and offers secure transactions of the money earned by you through gaming.

It also offers an extremely popular feature of “refer and earn” where you can earn large cash prizes on referring the Ludo Culture app to your friends.

Thousands of Ludo Culture users swear by the ease of use and undisputed legitimacy of this app in terms of winning actual cash rewards that you can transfer into your bank accounts straight from the Ludo Culture app.

Many people play the online game of ludo on a daily basis and use the Ludo Culture ludo money app and have won humongous cash rewards on the grounds of their ludo playing skills that they have acquired over a period of time. It also represents the contentment of new users who have recently divulged themselves into the world of online ludo money earning apps.

Best Ludo Earning App in the Online Gaming Market

Given its popularity and thousands of users logging in on the Ludo Culture app to play the game of Ludo every day, it is not surprising to say that Ludo Culture app is one of the best and most trusted Ludo earning apps for the Indian players.

It has an extremely user-friendly interface which makes it very convenient for the player to not only play the game but also retrieve their cash rewards via safe and highly secure transactions. It does not require any high-end technical skills to perform these transactions.

All you have to do is develop the skills and a set of abilities that will make you proficient in the online game of Ludo. Once you build a winning streak in the Ludo game it will automatically reflect in the magnitude of cash prizes won by you. This is exactly what the Ludo Culture app does for you without any special or exclusive requirement from your side.

How to Start Playing Real Money Ludo Game?

To start winning real money from Ludo, you will need the following things:

  1. A smartphone. You don’t need any hi-tech smartphone, just a basic one, with a touch screen will work perfectly fine.
  2. A stable internet connection. An internet connection that is reliable would be required. While you won’t need fast speed or a lot of data, you will just need a basic reliable internet connection.

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Selecting the Best Real Money Ludo App

There are many ludo real money gaming apps available in the market that offer Ludo game online. It becomes very hard to decide which one is good and which one isn’t. Everyone claims to be the best, but we don’t understand how to judge this claim. Therefore, we have come up with a guide so that you can decide which is the best app for you.

Each point here covers a step in the app, explains why it is necessary and what’s the best way to do it. Using the following 8 points, you can judge for yourself.

Step 1: Registration

To avoid fraud, most real money ludo apps allow each user to have a single account only. Therefore, you will be asked to make an account in the beginning. This can either be done via a phone number, or by an email address.

This is also the place where most apps will ask you to fill in a referral code, if any.

A good app would make this process as smooth and as short as possible. If you are facing any issues at this stage, like not receiving the OTP, or any other errors, it’s a red flag. While an occasional server issue is still fine, if you are continuously facing this issue, it probably means that the remaining experience will not be smooth either.

Step 2: Free Game/Practice Game in Ludo real money

A good ludo real money ludo app will allow you to try out the game before you have to put in your money. Always look out for these free games, which will give you a small cash reward, or practice games, with no cash reward. Do play these games before putting in any money. This will give you an idea about how good the overall experience will be without putting in any money.

Step 3: Payment Methods Available

Before you add cash to your wallet to start playing, you should first explore the entire wallet. You should know all the types of currencies used in the game, like practice chips, real money etc. Once you are clear about these, and feel comfortable, then look at the payment options available. Any good game would have popular payment options, like UPI, popular banks etc available on their platform.

Step 4: Withdrawal Conditions

Usually all ludo real money apps have a range for withdrawal, it is usually Rs 10 to Rs 50,000 for daily withdrawal limits. Make sure that you go through these withdrawal limits before you deposit a large amount of cash.

All this information can either be found in the wallet section or in the FAQ section of the app. If you aren’t clear about all this, you can also go to the app’s website to read more about it.

Step 5: Gameplay and Rules

Since you will be spending a majority of the time actually playing the game, the ludo game rules should also be interesting. Additionally, the game rules should not be too simple so that they become boring, or too complicated so that you never really understand how to win.

You can play the free/practice games to understand the rules and see if you are comfortable with these rules.

Step 6: Commission for ludo real money apps

All the ludo real money apps charge you a small commission fee. This is how they make profits to keep on providing you with the best ludo experience. Usually platforms charge 10% of the total buy-in amount as the commission. Any commission higher than 10% might be a bit too high and will eat into your winnings.

Step 7: Buy-in Values

There are different levels of games depending upon the buy-in amount. A platform that offers a variety of buy-in values is better than one with a limited buy-in value.

Step 8: Trust Markers

Finally, a set of trust markers should be provided by the ludo app. Here are a few things to look out for:

  1. ISO Certification
  2. RNG Certification
  3. Fairplay Protection
  4. Safe Payments (128 Bit SSL Encryption)
  5. No Bot Guarantee

There might be additional trust markers prompted by the app, but these are primary and should be present to ensure a safe gaming experience.

These 8 steps will help you gauge for yourself, and decide which ludo earning app is right for you.

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Setting Up the Ludo Real Money App

To set-up the Ludo Culture ludo money app, follow these steps:

1. Setting Up your Account

Once you have installed the real money ludo app of your choice, you need to make an account. Most Ludo apps require just your phone number to make a unique account.

2. Adding Cash to your Wallet

To play real money ludo, you need to give a buy-in amount. A buy-in is a fee that you need to pay to sit at a ludo table. Thus you will have to deposit some amount in your wallet which will be used as the buy-in amount for all the ludo games.

Select the buy-in amount, winning prize and start playing.

Learn How to Play Ludo and Win Real Money

You need to win ludo games to win real money. Unlike a casual game of ludo, since real money is involved here, players pay a lot of attention to the strategy that they use. This makes it harder to win the games if you are not paying attention or practicing properly.

Additionally, there are slight modifications in ludo rules to keep the games interesting and fast paced. Therefore it is very important to know all the rules clearly. Before starting to play any ludo game, make sure that you go through The Ultimate Guide to Ludo Rules and the specific tutorial for a game before you start playing with real money.

Some platforms also offer free games, with a small cash prize to give you an idea about how the games work. You can use these free games to practice new strategies and then play real money games.

How to Withdraw Your Winnings?

All the real money ludo apps allow you to withdraw your winnings directly into your bank account. The process is instant and very simple. Here’s how you can withdraw all your winnings instantly

1. Complete your KYC

Real Money Ludo Apps ask you to do a one time KYC to confirm that you are 18 years of age and keep your winnings safe. Thus you must first complete your KYC with your PAN Card and the Bank Account.

2. Withdraw your winnings

You will be required to do KYC only once. After that you can just go to your wallet in the Ludo App and withdraw your winnings into your bank account instantly.

Ludo Money Withdrawal and Deposit in Ludo Culture

As mentioned above, it is extremely easy and transparent. Setting up the Ludo Culture real money app is a straightforward process.

First, after installing your chosen app, you'll need to create an account, usually requiring only your phone number for uniqueness. To play with real money, you must deposit funds into your app wallet, which will serve as your buy-in amount for ludo games, allowing you to select your buy-in amount, winning prize, and start playing.

When you want to withdraw your winnings, the process is instant and simple. Initially, you'll need to complete a one-time KYC (Know Your Customer) verification with your PAN Card and Bank Account to confirm you are of legal age and ensure the safety of your earnings. After completing KYC, you can effortlessly withdraw your winnings from the app wallet directly into your bank account.

Download Ludo Culture app and start to play Ludo with real money.

Updated on 12th April, 2024

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