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India is the birthplace of countless board games that are enjoyed across the globe. Ludo is one of the oldest Indian board games and now has an app (online) version for it, like the popular Ludo Culture online game app. Ludo has its roots in the classical game of “Pachisi”, which dates back to the Mahabharata times. The drawings in the Ellora Caves are an indication of that. If facts are to be believed, Ludo originated in the 6th century.

The game was known as Chausar during ancient times. The game gained recognition when Shakuni played cursed dice to defeat the Pandavas and lose everything. In the end, Yudhisthira gambles with Draupadi and loses her as well.


Ludo was also known as Pacheesi

Many former rulers played the board game, also known as Pacheesi or Pachisi, with the Mughal emperor Akbar being a notable example. Instead of the usual shells or seeds, the monarch used females from his harem as game pieces on a life-sized board. This game is displayed on the floors of the palace halls of Agra, Fatehpur Sikri, and Agra.

In England, the original board was transformed into a cubic die with a dice cup, and the term “Ludo” was coined. The British Royal Navy adopted “Royal Ludo” and turned it into the board game Uckers.

The version of Ludo that we play today was patented in 1986 by Alfred Collier in England. The Ludo game rules are similar, except that the rectangular dice are substituted with a cubic one. A dice cup was introduced instead of tossing with one’s hand.

Indian Ludo Board game

The Indian version of the Ludo game is played on a unique board that features distinct sections known as green, red, yellow, and blue. Each player receives a set of coloured tokens or pawns, typically four in number, matching their designated colour. The board itself is square-shaped, and at its center, there is a Cross-shaped region to move the pawns from starting area to the home area during gameplay.

The playing area of the Indian Ludo game consists of three columns of squares on each arm of the cross shape. The outer rows of squares are typically white in colour, while the middle row is coloured to represent the “home” column of each player. The starting point or square for a player is located as the sixth coloured square, which continues from their respective “Home” column. At the center of the cross, there is the “home” area, which consists of four triangles that converge to form a square.

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Ludo India Game apps

As mentioned previously, the origins of the Indian game Ludo can be traced back to ancient India. This historical connection is a significant factor contributing to the popularity of online Ludo app platforms among the Indian population. The appeal of Ludo is not limited to just the younger generation and technologically inclined children of today’s era. It is equally cherished by older generations who feel a sense of connection with the online version of Ludo. This is because the modern iteration of the ancient game Parcheesi evokes nostalgia and a reminiscence of our rich literary and cultural heritage.

The game of Ludo holds a special appeal for those who have grown up immersed in stories from ancient epics like the Mahabharata and other historical references. The familiarity with these narratives enables individuals to establish a connection with the game and develop a genuine interest in playing it. With the convenience and accessibility of online Ludo platforms, playing the game has become extremely convenient, further adding to its popularity. As a result, Indian Ludo game apps have emerged as a prominent trend among the online gaming community, catering to the preferences of our game-loving audience.

The popularity of online Ludo soared after the Covid-19 lockdown

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Ludo emerged as the most popular game on different online platforms. It allowed players to stay at home and enjoy this classic board game with friends who were located in different parts of the world. The widespread appeal of Ludo, which can be enjoyed by people of all ages and genders, contributed to its immense popularity as an online gaming app. In India, the demand for Ludo game apps significantly increased after COVID-19, as the pandemic created a large market for online gaming platforms, attracting people from diverse age groups to engage in online gaming.

When we think of Ludo, we imagine sitting in a circle with our friends and family and having a great period of amusement and entertainment. We can spend hours playing this board game with our loved ones. However, Ludo is not just a great time-passing game; it has many health benefits as well.

Here are some of the physical benefits:

  • Ludo involves participants to throw a dice and move the pawns accordingly, which improves hand-eye coordination.
  • Ludo is a game that requires players to pay attention to the board as well as their opponents’ actions. This improves focus and concentration.
  • Ludo is a game that is played in a relaxed and friendly environment, which helps to reduce stress and anxiety. By providing a fun and enjoyable game, Ludo can help to alleviate stress and anxiety.

Mental Benefits

  • Ludo demands players to think strategically and make quick judgments, which improves problem-solving skills. This improves problem-solving abilities.
  • Ludo challenges players to remember the positions of their pieces as well as the movements of their opponents. This aids with memory improvement.
  • Ludo is a cooperative game that improves social skills. Playing Ludo helps to build social skills by encouraging engagement and communication.

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