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To get started with online ludo in Ludo Culture, it is imperative to know the detailed ludo rules, which enable the players to play the game more efficiently. Ludo, a timeless strategy board game that has a rich historical background, has adapted to the digital age with the introduction of online platforms. The game of ludo has transitioned from being a traditional game played among friends and family at home to a competitive experience involving thousands of players on smartphones.

Despite the evolution in its format, the essence of the ludo game remains intact, with a consistent set of rules applicable to both the offline and online versions. If you are new to the online version and seeking guidance on how to play Ludo, it is crucial to familiarize yourself with the essential rules of ludo that govern the game.

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Download Ludo Rules as PDF: Ludo Rules PDF 2023

Ludo Game Rules: The Primary Objective

Ludo is a classic board game that is played with dice and pawns. The objective of the game is to be the first player to move all your pawns from the starting area to the home area by rolling the dice and strategically navigating around the board. All the players get an equal number of turns; in these equal turns, whoever scores the highest number of points wins the game.

Ludo Gameplay Rules

Here are a few basic rules that you need to know if you are playing the game for the first time.

Number of Players in a Ludo Game

Ludo is played between a minimum of two and a maximum of four players. In Ludo Culture, the game is played between two or four players.

Movement of Pawns on the Ludo board

In Ludo, players move their pawns on the board based on the score they roll on the dice each turn. For instance, if a player rolls a three, they can move their pawn three places forward on the board. At the beginning of the game, each player has four pawns in their starting area.

The objective is to move all the pawns out of the starting zone and navigate them into the finish zone. The first player to successfully move all their pawns from the starting zone and move them into the end zone is declared the winner.

Rules to Move Pawns

Unlike the traditional board game, a player doesn’t need to roll a six to release their pawn. The pawns are automatically out of the board, and a player just needs to roll the dice to move their pawns.

Rules to Eliminate (Killing) Opponent’s Pawns

To reach the end zone in Ludo, a pawn must complete its entire track from the starting point and progress through its respective coloured home area. The coloured home area typically consists of six squares, with the final square serving as the end zone where the pawn retires from the game.

The ultimate objective of the game is to successfully move all four pawns to the end zone, thus completing the game and achieving victory. A very fun element of ludo is killing the opponent’s pawns, but there are a few killing rules in the ludo game.

Ludo Killing Rules:

  • You can only kill your opponent’s pawns and not your own pawns
  • To kill a pawn, you must land on the same tile as the opponent. This takes the opponent’s pawn back to the start
  • The opponent loses all the progress from the killed pawn. The killer may or may not get extra points for killing the pawn. This can be confirmed by the specific game rules
  • You cannot kill the pawns on safe points. The safe points are marked all across the board with a star.

Rules for 3 Sixes

You get an extra turn for every six that you roll. However, on rolling their third six, your turn ends. This means that you can only get two sixes, and on the third six your turn ends. This way, the biggest turn that you can roll is 6-6-5. Since your turn ends on the third six, this is also called “The Rules of 3 Sixes” in ludo.

Double Pawn (Goti) Rules

Double pawns act as individual safe points for pawns of the same color. This means that if there are two or more pawns of the same color on a tile, they cannot be killed.

Finishing in the Home Area

In Ludo, a pawn reaches the home zone when it finishes its entire journey from the starting point to its designated coloured home area. The coloured home area comprises six squares, with the final square serving as the end zone where the pawn is removed from the game.

Ludo Playing Rules

  • In the game of Ludo, the board consists of a central area and four arms extending from it, each of a different color.
  • Each arm has three rows of small squares corresponding to its color. The game is played in a clockwise order, with all four players moving their pawns on the board.
  • The game begins with a player rolling the dice to determine their move. The other three players follow suit, but once the pattern of rolling the dice is established after the first round, it cannot be changed.
  • All players get an equal number of moves to play and have 10 seconds for each move. If a player misses their move even after the extra 10 seconds, their turn will be passed to the next player.
  • All the tokens are in the open position. You don’t need to roll a 6 to begin the game. Just a tap on the dice followed by a tap on the token you wish to move is all it takes.
  • If a player’s pawn lands on another player’s pawn, the former pawn gets locked in the arm and has to restart its game. The player whose pawn was landed upon gets rewarded with another chance to roll the dice.
  • When a pawn lands on a square occupied by another pawn of the same color, it creates a block. This block can only be opened if the player rolls a six on the dice. Blocks can be strategically used to prevent other players from landing on your pawns.

These rules and gameplay add an element of strategy and excitement to the game of Ludo.

Other Important Rules to Play Ludo

Some of the other crucial ludo game rules, like the winning rule, losing rule, and the point system, are as follows:

Ludo Winning Rules

  • The primary goal is to successfully move all four pawns into the end zone, completing the game. The first player to move all the pawns from the starting area to the home area wins the game.
  • In the Ludo Culture ludo app, a game can either be won by obtaining the highest points or by safely taking all the pawns into the home space/ finish zone.
  • Score the maximum points before the timer runs out: In this case, the game lasts for a few minutes, and the winner is decided on the basis of their score. Each game might have a different time limit.
  • If the opponent leaves the game: In this case, the game ends the moment the opponent leaves the game.

To win any game of online ludo, it is very important to go through the rules for the game, as every app has its own rules. Ludo Culture is an online ludo platform that allows you to play real money ludo games along with tournaments.

Ludo Losing Rules

  • If any player fails to move all their pawns from the starting area to the finish area before their opponent, they will lose the game.
  • Scoring less points than the opponent when the timer runs out.
  • Miss three turns or quit the game: In this case, the game ends as soon as the player leaves, and the opponent is declared the winner even if they have lesser points.

Rule to Calculate Points in Ludo Culture

In Ludo Culture, players get 1 point for each tile they move and 56 points for each pawn that reaches the finish zone. Also, in the Ludo Culture points ludo game, upon killing an opponent’s pawn, the player gets 7 points while the killed pawn reaches the starting tile and loses all its points.

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Top Ludo Hacks

  • Spread all your pawns freely across the board for free movement.
  • A useful tactic in Ludo is to distract your opponents and ensure the safe entry of your coins into the home area.
  • As your coins approach the home, your opponents will likely target them to kill it. To protect your coins from such attacks, one effective strategy is to focus on blocking your opponents by strategically chasing their pawns.

To improve your chances of winning at Ludo, it’s crucial to have a solid understanding of the game rules. Whether you are a beginner or not, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the rules to make the most efficient use of Ludo strategies.

By understanding the game’s mechanics, you can employ various tricks to your advantage, such as keeping your tokens safe, capturing opponents’ tokens at opportune moments, taking calculated risks when moving your tokens in the last quadrant, and more. By learning and applying these strategies effectively, you can enhance your overall performance and increase your chances of winning in Ludo.

Summary of Ludo Rules

Primary Objective Move all pawns to home or score the highest points
Point Scoring Rule 1 point for each tile moved and 56 points for each pawn reaching the home
Rule to Open By Getting a six on the dice. In Ludo Culture, pawns are already in open position
Ludo Killing Rule If a pawn lands exactly on the tile with an opponents pawn, the opponent’s pawn is “killed” and sent to the start position
No. of Players Ludo on Ludo Culture can be played between 2 and 4 players
Movement Rule Movement of pawns is determined by the number shown on the dice in clockwise direction
Safe Zone Space in front of the starting areas of respective players. Temporary safe zones are formed when 2 pawns of the same color are at a single tile
Bonus Rolls and Turn Skips Every 6 rolled gives the players an additional chance to roll. However, if three 6’s come in a sequence, the turn is lost

FAQs About Ludo Rules

What are The Rules of Ludo?

The ludo rules involve rolling the dice and moving the pawns clockwise around the board. To win the game, the players must either reach all their pawns to their respective home spaces or kill opponent pawns to get the highest points.

What are Online Ludo Rules?

The rules of ludo vary from person to person and game to game. Therefore it is very important to be sure of all the rules that will be followed before starting the game. In case you are playing an offline game, you need to confirm these rules with all the other players. In the case of an online game, make sure that you go through the tutorial before starting the game.

How Many Players Can Play Ludo?

Ludo games can be played by 2 or 4 players in the Ludo Culture app.

What are The Rules to Start a Ludo Game?

In general ludo rules, the players must roll a six to open their pawns and start playing. However, in Ludo Culture, all the pawns are in open position. Just a tap on the dice followed by a tap on the token you wish to move.

What are Safe Zones?

Safe zones are spaces in front of your starting area where your pieces are protected from capture. Also, if there are two pawns of the same color on a particular tile, it becomes a temporary safe zone.

What Happens if You Get 6 for Three Times in a Row?

If a six is rolled for three times in a row, the player will lose his turn, and it is passed to the next player.

Updated on 30th October, 2023

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