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Ludo Tips, Tricks and Strategies

If you have a passion for board games, it’s likely that Ludo holds a special place among your favourites. This classic game of Pachisi has been a source of entertainment for multiple generations in India and remains a popular choice. Ludo online is played in a similar way as it is played on a board. There can be smaller differences, one of the main being the time limit to make your move.

While most people engage in Ludo for pure leisure and entertainment, not many are aware that it is also a strategic game, where employing the correct tricks and tips can greatly increase your chances of winning.

Since the lockdown, when people were stuck at their homes, they turned to Online Ludo to get rid of the boredom, and the game’s popularity has skyrocketed post that. Playing the traditional board game with familiar opponents often allows you to become familiar with their tendencies and develop a winning strategy against them, and they may do the same in return.

However, in online Ludo, you are pitted against a random player, which makes it more exciting. In situations where you are playing Ludo with unfamiliar players whom you don’t know personally, you can rely on tips and tricks to craft your strategy and enhance your chances of winning.

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16 Top Ludo Tricks and Tips to Win

One of the primary Ludo strategies to excel in the game is to have a thorough understanding of all the gameplay rules. Familiarizing yourself with the intricate details of Ludo not only enhances your overall experience but also enables you to make informed strategic choices during the game.

Here we list out some cool tips and tricks to understand how to play ludo online and become better at it.

Some of the top Ludo tricks and tips are:

  1. Know the Ludo online rules
  2. Unlock all the pawns
  3. Spread your pawns across the Ludo board
  4. Block your opponent’s pawns
  5. Distribute all your pawns
  6. Keep your idle tokens on safe points
  7. Never keep two tokens on the same safe points
  8. Never race a single token alone in ludo online
  9. Focus on killing the opponent’s tokens as well
  10. Safeguard your highest-scoring pawn
  11. Select which pawn to kill
  12. Use the time to your advantage
  13. Rule of 7
  14. Getting your Pawn Home
  15. Practice Well
  16. Know which pawns to sacrifice

Know the Ludo Online Rules

Knowing your rules well is the best tip to win any ludo game. A lot of people simply jump into the game and ignore the tutorial. Even if you feel like you know all the rules, the rules themselves can differ from platform to platform. For example, in Ludo Culture, each game has a time limit, and the player with the maximum point within that time wins. It is not dependent on the number of pawns that are sent home, unlike a traditional game.

Did you know? If you get two of your pawns on the same tile, they can’t be killed. If you didn’t, you need to know the rules well to win. You can read The Ultimate Guide to Ludo Rules to clear out your basics.

Unlock all the Pawns

An important initial strategy in ludo is to promptly move all your pawns out of the home base. It is risky to rely on using just one or two pawns for each dice roll, as it increases the chances of being attacked and killed by your opponent. By getting all your pawns into play early on, you gain greater flexibility in their movement.

This is particularly advantageous when you roll a low number on the dice and cannot protect a crucial pawn from your opponent. Hence, prioritize putting all your pawns into action as quickly as you can.

Spread Your Pawns Across the Ludo Board

To gain an edge in a ludo game, it is essential to strategically move your pawns across the board. By placing your pawns tactically, you can enjoy the freedom to move them without the risk of immediate elimination if there are no opponents nearby.

For example, having two pawns in the same spot while being surrounded by opponents can result in instant elimination if you make any move. Furthermore, this strategy enables you to block your opponents from reaching their homes and thus delay the outcome.

Block Your Opponent’s Pawns

A useful winning tip in Ludo is to safely get your coin into the home base. When one of your pawns is close to reaching home, your opponents will naturally focus on capturing that piece. To protect your pawns from being attacked, it is important to block your opponents by chasing their pieces. It is not always possible to kill your opponent’s pawns; you can block it and force them to move another pawn.

This disrupts their strategy and allows you a better chance to win. To block your opponent’s pawns, you need to strategically place your pawns on two very close safe points. This way, if the pawn lands in between the two safe points, it will be forced to move ahead or stand there and risk getting killed. But even if the pawn jumps the second safe point and decides to move ahead, it still risks getting killed.

While not every pawn that has been blocked will end up getting killed, the probability of getting killed is always increased. This way, you can quickly move pawns to the home area without any interference.

Distribute all Your Pawns

We all know not to keep all our eggs in one basket. The same goes for all your points and pawns. If you only move one pawn and it ends up getting killed, you will lose all of your points.

However, if you distribute all your points across the four pawns while your total score stays the same, you can’t lose everything by just a single pawn getting killed.

Keep Your Idle Tokens on Safe Points

You might take out all the pawns; you should try to keep all of them at safe points. While it is impossible to have all four pawns at a safe point all the time, try to keep at least three pawns that you are not using on safe points to play extremely defensively.

Never Keep Two Tokens on the Same Safe Points

It is important to keep your pawns on safe points, but keeping all the pawns on the same safe point is not the best way to win. By distributing all of your pawns across multiple safe points, you can block your opponent’s pawns, distribute your points better and increase the chances of killing a pawn.

Never Race a Single Token Alone in Ludo Online

While it might feel tempting to just focus on a single pawn and take it all the way home, players should refrain from doing it. It puts all your points in a single pawn which, if killed, will make it very hard to recover your points.

Additionally, it makes your moves very predictable for the opponent. In this case, the opponent can easily create a block and stop this pawn or worse kill it.

Focus on Killing the Opponent’s Tokens as Well

A lot of players just focus on their own turns and don’t focus on killing the opponent’s pawns. This means that your game becomes solely dependent on whoever rolls higher numbers at the earliest. This may or may not help you win.

Therefore, to remove this uncertainty in the game and win every single ludo game, make sure that you are focusing on killing your opponent’s pawns as well.

Safeguard Your Highest-scoring Pawn

Regardless of how well you distribute your points, there will always be one pawn that has a higher score than the other three pawns. It becomes very important to keep this pawn safe, as just killing this one pawn will do you significantly more damage than killing any other pawn will.

This is why you should only move your pawns closer to the home if they get a decently big dice roll and if there are no opponent pawns close by.

Select Which Pawn to Kill

A pawn that is closer to reaching home has a very high score versus a pawn that has just started moving. Therefore if you have the option of killing one of the two pawns, you should kill the one that is closer to reaching home.

Additionally, you should position your pawns on the safe points very close to your opponent’s entry to the home so that you can kill them right before entering the home and cause maximum damage.

Use the Time to Your Advantage

Unlike the traditional board game of ludo, in online ludo, there is an additional element of timer. Online ludo games have two timers, one for individual turns and one for the overall game. When the game is about to end, and you have a higher amount of points, then you can select to take a longer time on your turns.

This will give the opponent less time to increase their score. This is very similar to football teams wasting time when they are closer towards the end of the game rather than trying to score any more goals. However, do keep in mind the individual turn timer, as you might end up losing your lives as well. If you lose three lives, you will end up losing the entire game, regardless of how many points you have.

Rule of 7

There’s a little bit of math involved here. The chances of your pawn getting killed in the next turn are ⅙ if you are less than 7 tiles away from the opponent’s pawn. But this probability decreases drastically the moment you are 7 or more tiles away to 1/36, which is a whole 6 times less.

And then again, down to 1/180 if you are more than 12 miles away. This drastic drop in the chances of your pawn getting killed after the 7th tile is called the rules of 7. This is why to keep your pawns safe, if it is impossible to keep them on the safe point, then you should keep them at least 7 tiles away from the opponent.

Getting Your Pawn Home

According to the rules of online ludo, you get an additional 56 points for getting your pawn home. Therefore, when the game is about to end, you should focus more on getting your pawns home rather than killing the opponent’s pawns. This is because by killing your opponent’s pawns, you can never make the opponent lose more than 56 points.

Practice Well

As is true for any game of skill, you need to practice all your strategies again and again. This is because the timer game of Ludo is very fast, and you will not get the time to think for a long time. You will have to move instantly, and if you don’t practice well, you might end up moving the wrong pawn under pressure.

Know Which Pawns to Sacrifice

Oftentimes you can’t keep all your pawns safe. In this case, sacrifice the pawn with less points. The pawn that is closest to home will have higher points and can get you even more points once it reaches home.

Thus, try to always keep these pawns safe. However, the pawns closer to home will not have as many points and will not cause you so much damage.

Ludo Game Strategies to Help You Win

A game can be played defensively or aggressively. There are multiple other strategies that you can use to win a game. The key to winning any game of ludo is to decide the strategy and practice it again and again. We have compiled a list of Strategies, telling you How to Win every Ludo Game, that have worked for us.

A few important ludo strategies are:

How to Win Ludo Game?

The best way to win any ludo game is to have your own strategy and ludo play that you practice constantly and master. Only by doing this, you can win any ludo game. Know the rules, understand the gameplay and strategize accordingly.

Defensive or Offensive Ludo Gameplay?

Before deciding anything about your strategy, you need to decide whether your play will be defensive or offensive. This means that if there are two options, one gets your pawns safe and the other makes the opponent’s pawns unsafe, which of the two will you pick?

Even in offensive strategies, you will try getting your pawns safe and even in defensive strategies, you will try killing your opponent’s pawn. But the only question is, what will you prioritize over another?

How Many Pawns Will You Take Out at the Start?

  • Use all four pawns in your Ludo gameplay instead of just one, says experts of the game. This ensures that you are not just focusing all your points on a single pawn. Additionally, it allows you to strategically place them all across the board to increase the chances of killing/blocking the opponent’s pawns.
  • However, not every player wants to take out all four pawns right at the start. Therefore you must decide how many pawns you want to take out at the start. We feel that 3 pawns make the right number; this way, you always have one pawn at the start to be able to block the opponent’s pawns from chasing after you.
  • If you choose to take out just one or two pawns and leave multiple pawns at home, then you are missing out on opportunities to block and kill your opponent’s pawns, as your pawns are just sitting at home.
  • As a general rule, avoid having two pawns at the same safe point, as you can place these pawns at two different places and thereby increase your chances of killing your opponent.
  • You might be tempted to take out all four pawns instantly, but that lessens your chances of eliminating an opponent’s pawn when needed.

Where Will You Stop Your Pawns?

You need to strategically place your pawns on safe points distributed all across the board to maximize the probability of killing your opponent. However, not a lot of people focus on a targeted safe point for their pawns and decide which pawn to move only once they have rolled the dice. This makes them frustrated when they don’t get good numbers and also doesn’t leave them with enough time to make a decision. These players then make a quick forced decision which often turns out to be wrong.

However, if you decide which pawns to move and where to stop them even before you roll your dice, you will be able to make a much more informed decision.

Here’s how you can do it:

  • Always be aware of where every single pawn is. Make sure to count all four pawns and not just focus on one.
  • Ensure that all four pawns are following the rule of 7. This basically means that every pawn is at least 7 tiles away from an opponent pawn.
  • If none of your pawns are in danger, then focus on getting closer to the opponent’s pawns. This means be 7 or less tiles behind the opponent’s pawns.
  • If both Steps 2 and 3 are satisfied, then you can focus on getting all your pawns on safe points.
  • If Step 4 is also satisfied, then focus on moving a pawn closer to home.
  • You can make all these strategies while the other player is making their move. Once it is your turn, you can quickly roll and move because you have already planned for every single outcome.
  • After you have thought about all these strategies, you need to continuously practice these moves. Since the game is fast-paced, you will have to think and move very fast.

Have an Attacking Strategy

Engaging in attacking moves against opponents adds excitement to playing ludo, even if it involves putting your own pawns at risk. To become a ludo king, it is crucial to set aside mercy and embrace an aggressive strategy.

However, it is important to assess the risk before eliminating your opponent’s pawns. When your pawn is located in the first or second quadrant, your plan should involve attacking the opponent’s pawn, even if it means risking your own.

Suppose if your coin is in the third or fourth quadrant, you should only attack your opponent if there is an opportunity to move to a safer distance. The “rule of 7” dictates that the safer distance is at least seven steps ahead, where the likelihood of your opponent rolling a 6 and 1, which could result in your coin being eliminated, is reduced.

By following this rule, you decrease the chances of getting killed while maintaining an aggressive approach.

Always be Patient

One of the most important Ludo-winning strategies is to be patient. When your pawns are positioned in the star-shaped zones of the board, they can’t be killed by opponents.

In such situations, if you roll a low number on the dice, it is advisable to leave the coin in the safe zone, especially if it is surrounded by opponents’ pawns. Instead, focus on moving other pieces that may already be at risk or are not in the safe zone.

Demonstrating patience is essential for maintaining the safety of your pawns, as making a wrong move could result in your pawn being sent back to the starting area, and you need to begin all over.

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