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How to Play Ludo Game?

Ludo is undoubtedly one of the most beloved board games of the century, and it’s rare to find someone who hasn’t played it. It holds a special place as a family board game and often brings back cherished memories for adults. Ludo originated in the late Victorian era and is based on the ancient Indian board game called pachisi.

Ludo is a fun and engaging game that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It is commonly played as a social activity among family and friends. The game has also been adapted into digital versions, allowing players to enjoy it on smartphones and tablets.

The main objective of Ludo is to move all of your pawns into the home area, located in the middle of the board. The player who accomplishes this first is declared the winner of the game. Ludo is entertaining when played with friends and family. You can download the Ludo Culture app to play online Ludo with your loved ones anywhere in the comfort of your time.

Now let’s discuss the steps to play Ludo in detail.

Ludo Gameplay:

How to Play Ludo: A Steps by Step Guide

To play ludo, start with the following steps:

#Step 1. Set Up The Game

  • Place the Ludo board in the centre of the playing area.
  • Each player chooses a colour and takes four pawns of that colour.
  • Place all the pawns in their respective starting areas.
  • The Ludo game is played between two to four players.

#Step 2. Determine The Playing Order

  • Each player rolls the dice once. The order is clockwise from the first player.

#Step 3. Roll the Dice and Move Your Pawns

  • All the tokens are in the open position. You don’t need to roll a 6 to begin the game.
  • Just a tap on the dice followed by a tap on the token you wish to move is all it takes.
  • On your turn, roll the dice and move one of your pawns based on the number you roll.

#Step 4. Pawn Movement

  • Move your pawn the number of spaces indicated by the dice roll in a clockwise direction along the colored path.
  • All players get an equal number of moves to play and have 10 seconds for each move.
  • You get an additional ten seconds to make your move, but if you fail to do so, then it will be passed to the next player.
  • You will be dropped from the game and will lose your buy-in if you fail to make three consecutive moves.
  • You can move a pawn to an empty space, bump an opponent’s pawn back to its starting area, or form a blockade by landing on a space occupied by your own pawn.
  • If you roll a six, you get an additional turn.

#Step 5. Safe Zones and Shortcuts

  • Each arm of the board has a safe zone that leads to the home area. Pawns in the safe zone are safe from being bumped back to the starting area.
  • Be cautious when moving on the outer ring of the board, as other players can easily bump your pawns back to the starting area.

#Step 6. Capture The Pawns

  • While playing the game, check your opponent’s pawn to land over them.
  • Also, have an eye on your opponent’s pawn if they have a chance to land on your pawn and play accordingly to avoid capturing your pawn.
  • The main aim of the Ludo game in Ludo Culture is to reach the home with all your pawns and collect points without getting caught by the opponent.

#Step 7. Entering the Home Area and Winning

  • Once you move a pawn into your home area, you must roll the exact number needed to reach the home space. If you roll a higher number, you can’t move that pawn. For example, if you need a five to enter the home area, you need to roll the exact number to move your pawns into the finish area.
  • The first player to move all their pawns into the home area wins the game.
  • The player who has collected the maximum Ludo Game points at the end of the battle (8 mins for 2-player mode & 10 mins for 4-player mode) will be determined as the winner.

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Ludo for Beginners

Ludo is a very popular board game which is played in almost every household. However, if you are new to the game, Ludo Culture has a dedicated free games section where you can practice Ludo to hone your skills and then move to the cash games. Ludo is a popular board game that is easy to learn and fun to play.

Here’s a beginner’s guide to help you get started:

  • In Ludo, the board is divided into four arms, each with three rows of small squares of different colors where the pawns are placed. The game is played by four players who move in a clockwise order on the board.
  • To start the game, any player can roll the dice. The other three players will take their turns to roll the dice one by one. Once the first round of rolling the dice is completed, the pattern of rolling the dice remains the same for all players throughout the game.
  • If a player misses their turn to roll the dice even after the extra ten seconds, the opportunity will be passed to the next player, and they will get a chance in the next round.
  • If the player misses their turn 3 times consecutively, the player will lose the game.
  • When a pawn lands on another pawn belonging to a different player, the former pawn has the advantage. The opponent’s pawn is bumped back to its respective arm and needs to be unlocked again.
  • If a player rolls three consecutive sixes, they lose their turn, and it is passed to the adjacent player.

How to Play Ludo Online on Ludo Culture?

  • To enjoy playing Ludo on the Ludo Culture platform, you will need to download the Ludo Culture App.
  • After successfully installing the app, you can proceed to register an account.
  • The registration process typically involves providing your basic details, such as your name, email address, and phone number.
  • Once you have registered, there is an instant 10% Discount Credits for you on your first add cash.
  • Once you have completed the registration, you will be ready to play Ludo on the Ludo Culture app.
  • Get 10% Discount Credits on your first add cash. Hurry up, get your reward and start playing now!
  • Start playing your game by following the Ludo rules and win the rewards with your game strategies.
  • Your winnings will be credited to your wallet if you win the game.
  • You can play more games with your winning money, or you can withdraw it.
  • By following the above steps, you can enjoy playing Ludo on the Ludo Culture app and earn money by winning the games.

Ludo Tournaments

You can also play ludo tournaments on the Ludo Culture app. The player has to register before the time ends to play in the tournament to play. There are two types of tournaments available in the app:

  • Free Tournaments
  • Cash Tournaments

Free Tournaments: You can join the tournaments for free and play the game at the given time. Click on the tournaments section in the app, choose a free tournament and start playing.

Cash Tournaments: You can join the tournaments by paying cash from your wallet. Click on the tournaments section in the app, choose any cash tournament and start playing.

FAQs on How to Play Ludo

How to Play Ludo Online?

To begin, you can download the Ludo Culture app on your mobile phone and proceed with the installation. Once installed, create an account using the provided options. Once your account is set up, launch the app and navigate to the game selection menu. Choose the 2-player or 4-player game from the available options. Now you are all set to start your first game and enjoy playing Ludo on Ludo Culture.

How Many Players Can Play in Online Ludo?

Ludo can be played between two to four players. However, in Ludo Culture, you can play 1 v 1 battles as well.

What Happens if Your Pawn Lands on Your Opponent’s Pawn?

In such case, your opponent’s pawn is sent back to the starting area and all the points collected by that pawn will be lost. You will also be awarded +7 points and an extra turn.

Updated on 18th October, 2023

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