Ludo Glossary

The Ludo is one of the most popular board games worldwide, originating in India. Ludo can be played offline and online; the Ludo rules are almost similar for online and offline. Anyone can play the Ludo game for free and real money in the online apps.

Ludo is a game of luck and strategy that can be played with up to 4 players. The game is played on a square board with four different coloured sections for four other players. The main objective of the classic game is to take all pawns of the plater to the home. In the online app, it can also be played for the points and Timer.

Different terms are used in the Ludo game, like Pawns, Dice, Home, Turns, etc. In this article lets us learn about the Glossary of most commonly used Ludo terms.

Common Terms in the Ludo Game

The terms used in the offline and online ludo games are similar, but a few different terms are also used online due to different ludo game variants. Here is a glossary of important and commonly used terms in the Ludo Board game:

  • Pawns/Tokens

In the Ludo game, pawns are the small coloured pieces the players move across the board to play, also called Tokens. Each player will be given 4 pawns of the same colour to start the game. These pawns start the game from the starting point and will be moved clockwise according to the numbers rolled on the dice.

  • Starting Area

The Starting Area in the Ludo board game is where each player’s pawns begin the game. The Ludo board have 4 starting areas for each player. All 4 pawns of the player are placed at the starting area, and these pawns will be moved according to the numbers rolled on the dice. In the Ludo classic game, the player has to get 6 on the dice to get each pawn out of the starting area and move, whereas, in the Ludo points game, the players need to get 6 to move their pawns.

  • Home

In the Ludo game, the Home Area is at the centre of the board, where the player’s target is to move their pawns/tokens to the home area to win the game. To win the game, a player must take all his pawns to the Home area before any other player reaches.

  • Dice

In the Ludo game, the dice is a small cube having the numbers from 1 to 6 on each side of the cube. The players have to roll the dice to begin the game according to the number they got on the dice.

  • Roll

“Roll” in the Ludo game refers to throwing the dice to move the player’s pawn on the board.

  • Auto Roll

In offline ludo, the player has to roll the dice manually, whereas in the online ludo game, the player can choose to roll the dice manually or the player can turn on the auto roll option, which rolls the dice automatically without missing the timer, and the player can move his pawn according to his strategy.

  • Turn

A “Turn” is a sequence of actions the player takes during their round of play. Each player gets their turn in a clockwise direction. On the player’s turn, they roll the dice to determine the number of spaces their pawns should move on the Ludo board. During each turn, the player has to strategise to move their pawns to the Home area and block or capture the enemy’s pawn.

In the Ludo Culture App, every 12 turns are the same for each player but shuffled in different orders.

  • Extra Turn

In the Ludo game, “Extra Turn” refers to the player getting an extra chance to roll the dice. A player can get an extra turn in three cases:

  1. When the player rolls 6 on the dice.
  2. When the player kills or captures the opponent’s pawn.
  3. When the player’s pawn reaches the Home area.
  • Safe Zone

Safe Zone in the Ludo board game is the place where the opponent’s pawn cannot capture (kill) your pawn. The squares marked with “Star” are the safe places known as “Starred Zone” on the Ludo Board, and there are 8 safe zones on the board. Also, double pawns make a temporary safe zone; if two or more pawns of the same colour are on the same tile, known as “Shield Tile”, they cannot be killed.

  • Blocking a pawn

In the Ludo game, blocking a pawn is strategically positioning your pawns in the safe zone in the opponent’s path. This tip will help you block or slow your opponent from advancing his move to win the game, and you can safely take your pawns to the Home area.

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  • Eliminating a Pawn

When your token or pawn reaches the square where your opponent’s pawn is placed, you will eliminate it and send it to its starting area. It would be best to capture your opponent’s tokens before they capture you. This will help you to win the game safely and efficiently.

  • Timer

The Timer in the Online Ludo game is a feature that limits the player’s time to move their token. This helps to progress the ludo game in speed and prevents the players from taking too long to move their pawns.

  • Extra Time

In Online Ludo, you will get extra time when you run out of time on your turn. All the players will be given the same limit of extra time. You can use the extra time at one go, or you can use it over multiple moves. Keep an eye on the remaining extra time to avoid losing a life while it runs out.

  • Points/Score

In the online Ludo game, the players earn points for moving, killing and reaching their home area. The players must achieve the highest score to win the game. For moving the pawn one tile, a player gets 1 point; by killing the opponent, the pawn will get 7 points; and reaching the home area will get 56 points for each token.

  • Entry Fee

An entry fee is a fixed amount of cash to participate in the Online Ludo match or a tournament. This money is collected to make a Prize Pool for the tournament, which will be distributed among the winners of the game. The players usually pay the money before the game starts.

  • Prize Pool

The prize pool is the collection of money or rewards contributed by the Ludo game’s players or organisers. The Players usually pay an entry fee to participate in the ludo tournaments, and the prize pool is distributed among the winners or the top performers of the game based on their highest score.

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Ludo Glossary FAQs

What is a Pawn/Token in the Ludo Game?

A small piece in the Ludo game, the players move on the board to win the game. Each player has 4 Pawns in the game.

What is the rule of 6 in the Ludo Game?

If the player gets a 6 on the dice, the player gets an extra chance to roll the dice, and when the 6 is rolled 3 times in a row, the player will lose his/her turn.

What are the common terms used in Ludo?

A few of the commonly used terms in the Ludo are pawn, dice, roll, turn, home and safe zone.

Updated on 18th October, 2023

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