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Online Ludo vs Offline Ludo

In the age of digital connectivity, the classic board game of Ludo has evolved into two distinct experiences: Online Ludo and Offline Ludo. This page delves into a comprehensive comparison of these two versions, shedding light on the unique features and advantages each offers.

While traditional offline Ludo brings with it a sense of nostalgia and physical presence, online Ludo introduces a world of convenience, accessibility, and exciting possibilities. Join us as we explore the contrasting aspects of these two gaming experiences and make a compelling case for why online Ludo might just be the superior choice for enthusiasts of this timeless game.

Top 10 Reasons to Play Ludo Online

During the COVID Lockdowns, a lot of people suddenly had more time. This led to a boom in the online gaming industry. A game that particularly rose to popularity was the classic game of Ludo. But a lot of us still don’t understand why there are so many online ludo games, when you can simply play the game on a normal board with pawns like we used to do in childhood.

But there are a lot of reasons to play ludo online vs offline. Here are top 10 reasons why one can play ludo online:

No Need for Boards and Pawns

Not everyone has a ludo board at their homes. It is even harder to keep a track of all those pawns. But, you don’t have to face any of this hassle if you play ludo online. All you need is an app on your phone which you can install in less than 5 minutes to enjoy playing.

Play Anytime with Anyone

It is very hard to match the same time with friends to play a game. We can barely get one person, let alone getting four people together to play.

However, in online Ludo, you can play anytime with players from all over the world. So now you don’t have to wait for your friends and can enjoy Ludo anytime with anyone.

Meet New People and Play with New Strategies

Every player has their own strategy. Constantly playing with the same people can get boring and predictable as their strategy doesn’t change as often.

Since you can play with different people online, they also have different strategies which keeps the game interesting and challenging.

Timer makes the game faster and more challenging.

Online games have two timers, one is an individual turn timer and the other one is a game timer. These two timers keep the game fast paced. In an offline game, the game can last for up to 90 minutes, but an online ludo game gets finished in just 7 minutes. Additionally, players can take a lot of time in offline ludo to think, which makes the game boring for other players. However in an online game, there is a turn timer for as low as 8 seconds, which keeps the game fast and adds a time pressure on players.

Different rules to keep the game interesting

A traditional offline game of ludo has the same basic rules. This makes the game boring to play for a long period of time. However, in online ludo there are multiple variants that exist making the game fun and allowing for different strategies. Players have to understand the rules and constantly change their strategies to keep on winning.

No cheating or unfair dice

In traditional games, there was a lot of cheating. People can move their pawns when the opponent is not looking or use biased dice.

In fact, cheating in the game of ludo is so popular that all through history there are stories of cheating. Shakuni using his biased dice in the game of chausar that caused the famous battle of Mahabharata and legends about Kings who never lost are common.

You can read the history of Ludo to know more about such interesting stories on Ludo through the history.

However, none of this is possible in online Ludo. There are several trust markers that one can look out for in an online ludo game that ensures that the game is totally fair.

No Arguing over Rules

In online ludo, since the rules are already decided and agreed upon beforehand, there is no scope for argument. You can play without worrying over basic ludo rules and enjoy the game.

However, in offline ludo, there is no way you can decide the rules beforehand which leads to a lot of arguments between friends and not a lot of actual playing.

Fun Visuals, Emojis and Background Music

A lot of online ludo apps are very interesting to look at. They have creative boards, beautiful dice skins, hilarious emojis etc. This makes the game of Ludo even more fun.

Stream the games and make money

Apart from all these reasons above about why online ludo is better, there are plenty of money making opportunities that come with online gaming.

Win Real Money while playing

The last and the most popular reason why people play ludo online is another opportunity to win real money. You can play Real Money Ludo and get real cash directly in your bank account by just winning ludo games. For every game that you win, you win cash prizes that you can withdraw directly in your bank account.

Summary: Difference Between Online Ludo and Offline Ludo


Online Ludo

Offline Ludo

Availability of Boards and Pawns

No need for physical boards or pawns

Requires a physical board and pawns


Easily accessible via mobile apps

Requires gathering people and timing

Variety of Opponents and Strategies

Play with different people worldwide

Limited to the same group, repetitive

Game Pace

Faster pace with turn and game timers

Slower pace, longer game duration

Varied Rules

Multiple rule variants for diversity

Standard, potentially monotonous rules

Fair Play

Trust markers ensure fair gameplay

Risk of cheating and unfairness

Rule Disputes

Predefined rules reduce arguments

Potential rule disputes among players

Visuals and Entertainment

Creative boards, emojis, music

Traditional, less visually engaging

Money-Making Opportunities

Options for winning money online

No direct money-winning opportunities

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Updated on 25th April, 2024

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