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Unique Ludo Rules and Gameplays

Ludo has existed for centuries in different forms. There isn’t a fixed set of rules that are followed for ludo. While the basic set of ludo rules stays the same, smaller rules vary from place to place. 

But if you are looking to experiment and want to try out a few variants, then this is the best place to get some inspiration.

Fascinating Rules & Unique Gameplays of Ludo

Here are four Ludo Variants to make you next Ludo Game Night more interesting and fun : 

  • Play with two dice
  • Double Piece can move as a Single Pawn
  • Allow the pawns to move backward
  • Using the arrows as boosters

Play with two dice

Usually a game of ludo is played with a single dice. However, there are several reasons why you might want to play with two dice instead. 

First, it makes the game faster and more fun. Two dice means that you roll bigger numbers and your pawns move faster. This means that they rush across the board faster. This also means that the pawns are as safe. Now even if you are 7 or more tiles away from a pawn, you still risk getting killed as they have two pawns. This also means that the chances to roll a six are higher, which means that the pawns also get unlocked faster. 

Secondly, this also allows for more strategy. You can decide which of the two numbers to move for which pawn. This mix and match of numbers means you can experiment with more numbers.

Double Piece can move as a Single Pawn

All of us know the rule that if two pawns of the same color are on a tile, then they can’t be killed. But there is another lesser known benefit of two pawns on the same tile. You can put them on top of another and use them as a single pawn. 

However, there is one slight difference between this double pawn versus a standard single pawn. While a single pawn can move freely with any number, double pawns can only move with even numbers. If the dice rolls an odd number, then you have to either move another pawn or break this double pawn and move only one. 

This double pawn cannot be killed by a single pawn. The only way to kill this double pawn is to use another double pawn. Now this is a very interesting powerup for the tiny little pawns. 

Allow the pawns to move backward

Just when you thought that the game of Ludo couldn’t get any more interesting, we have another variant for you. Imagine if the pawns instead of moving just forward, could move backward as well. This means nothing is safe. 

This variant is played with two dice and allows any combination of backward and forward movement. You can use a single or two different pawns for these movements. You can move both the pawns backward, or both forwards or one forward and one backward. You can also move a single pawn forward first and then move it backward.

Using the arrows as boosters

A lot of ludo boards have small arrows all over the board to guide the movement of the pawns. But this can be used as a booster. If a pawn lands exactly on the tail of an arrow then the arrow acts as a booster and you can move your pawn to the tip of the arrow. This means that if there is a pawn at the tip of the arrow, it gets killed. This is a small variation to the game, but adds a fun new element to the game. 

These are just four variants to the standard game, there are multiple online variations that are also available. These variations breathe a new life into the timeless classic and make it faster and more engaging. If you want to know more about another such online variant, you can read more aboutSpeed Ludo.

Unique Online Ludo Game on Ludo Culture

Ludo Culture is one of the newest and the best apps to play ludo games online. In Ludo Culture, the popular ludo game has a unique twist and all the pawns are in open positions. 

The players in Ludo Culture gain 1 point for each tile moved and 56 points for each pawn that reaches the home or the finish zone. The players also earn 7 points for killing an opponent’s pawn and the killed pawn reaches the starting tile and loses all its points. The player with the highest score at the end of the game wins the game.

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Updated on 6th October, 2023

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